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  • Recently I took my mother to the Hearing Loss Association meeting at Wood Glen Hall mainly because I wanted to see just how the looped environment would affect her hearing. I cannot tell you how elated she was when she looked at me as the meeting started, and proclaimed that she could hear every word clearly. She had a smile on her face the entire time.
Susan D. Savage,
Professor of Art, Westmont College, Santa Barbara


  • The loop system was an amazing treat. My husband put it together yesterday and I couldn’t believe how wonderful the movie I watched sounded. I watched the latest Woody Allen film about Rome. One of the characters has a magnificent operatic voice and sings a few times. With the loop system it sounded unbelievable, as if I was in the first row of a wonderful concert. When I took my hearing aids out afterward and watched the TV it was like watching a film in black and white compared to Technicolor.
Gloria Arenson


  • Friday night we went to see the Year in Burgundy film at the Art Museum. As we took our seats, the room was noisy with chatter coming from all around me, difficult to make out conversations or exactly where the sounds were coming from. I switched my hearing aids to the loop, and I couldn’t believe it. I was hearing music clearly! I kicked off the setting and of course the music disappeared completely. Kicked it back on and smiled. I think it had been years since I heard music that clearly. I caught every single word in the movie. Although my French has long lapsed, I could follow that better than most conversations I have in English with some background noise going on. I feel I gained part of my life back. When we walked out of the theater, hearing the background music being played, I kicked it off to hear just the noise of chatter again from all directions. The music disappeared. I was aware of what I had just experienced. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Brian Gilbert


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