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Meet the OTOjOY Team!

Thomas Kaufmann – Founder & CEO


Thomas Kaufmann holds a German diploma degree in Physics and graduated from UCSB with a Master of Science degree in Chemistry. While working in music and entertainment, Thomas was always concerned about protecting his own hearing. His experiences in marketing and patent law eventually led him to the field of hearing loops. Thomas became passionate about helping other people hear and conserve their ability to communicate with the gift of hearing.

Thomas founded OTOjOY to raise awareness about hearing loop technology and to offer high-quality assistive listening services that let people’s ears smile. As OTOjOY's Chief Technology Officer, he focuses on the technical design of complex hearing loop systems, leads our research and development efforts, is responsible for intellectual property matters, and evangelizes OTOjOY globally. Thomas is a member of the technical committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that defines international performance standards for hearing loop systems and equipment.

Micah Thomas – Outreach & Advocacy


Micah Thomas holds a Bachelor's degree in Gerontology from the San Diego State University's School of Social Work. Working in senior living environments, Micah noticed the difficulties residents face when trying to communicate in facilities that insufficiently address the issue of hearing loss. Particularly during group activities, which for many residents is their primary form of social engagement, these individuals struggle to understand and as a result become frustrated, isolated, and feel excluded.

Since joining OTOjOY, Micah's goal has been to improve hearing access not only in the senior living industry, but in any type of community space that poses a challenging listening environment. In his role as Outreach & Advocacy Specialist, Micah is able to point out these issues that frequently go unnoticed by facility management and provide tailored solutions.

Megan Hedrick – Executive Assistant


Megan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Linguistics and Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of California, San Diego. She is extremely passionate about helping people, and very committed to sustainability and conservation efforts.

Megan’s role as Thomas Kaufmann’s assistant allows her to participate in all areas of OTOjOY, and enables Thomas to grow the business and bring the gift of hearing to as many people as possible.



Vaibhav Sharma – Research & Database Management


Vaibhav Sharma is a high-spirited, self-taught IT enthusiast, who oversees management of key projects at OTOjOY, ensuring resource availability and allocation and that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget.

His role at OTOjOY further expands to maintaining a solid communication network with both his team and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of the project. He joined OTOjOY not only due to the challenging nature of the job, but because it inspired and pushed him to use his skills for the greater good.

Mohit Sharma – Graphic & Web Design


Mohit Sharma is responsible for everything web and design related at OTOjOY, ranging from logo designs, illustrations, and solving code related problems to updating and maintaining multiple websites for the company and its affiliated non-profit campaigns.

Mohit has been with OTOjOY since the very beginning. He gave life to the company's brand identity as part of an online competition and was hired instantly due to his exceptional talent. Mohit considers working for OTOjOY a great cause to serve others by applying his passions.

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