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Suspending hearing loop installations and offering hearing aid battery delivery.


Creating equal access to sound. For everyone. Everywhere.

Your Hearing Loop Experts

OTOjOY's goal is to provide solutions for the 23% of the U.S. adult population who are affected by hearing loss. With hearing loop technology, we create equal access to speech and music by streaming sound wirelessly to people's hearing aids, cochlear implants, and smartphones.



OTOjOY’s staff are trained and certified to install hearing loop systems that comply with the strict requirements specified in the IEC 60118-4:2006 standard to guarantee positive experiences for the user.


Our hearing loops are frequently used in the following environments in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and other cities in California:

Theaters & Auditoriums

The combination of a large rooms and long distances between presenters and listeners and fellow audience members producing background noise make these spaces particularly difficult for the hard of hearing.

Conference Rooms

Hearing loss is not only a concern for senior citizens, but also for younger individuals. Whether someone is still part of the workforce or serves on board or committee, it is critical to understand during meetings.

Places of Worship

Large sanctuaries with high ceilings are prone to echo and reverberation. These room acoustics paired with a poor sound system might even make it difficult for a normal hearing person to understand.

Retirement Community

Looped community rooms used for performing arts, movies, or workouts enable seniors to understand and participate in activities. Loop systems can also be used for communication between staff members and residents.

Ticket Desk & Store Counters

Ticket desks and store counters are prone to background noise from fellow visitors, travelers or shoppers. Hearing loops are particularly effective for confidential verbal communication.


When discussing your health and well being, it is critical to understand the spoken word of healthcare professionals. Clipboard and counter loop systems are effective and available at a nominal cost.

Portable & Temporary Loops

When logistics prohibit a permanent loop installation, portable solutions allow flexibility for the venue staff. Additionally, for events and conferences, professional temporary loop installations provide access in any location, indoors and outdoors.

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