Creating equal access to sound. For everyone. Everywhere.

Our Philosophy

Our Mantra

Helping people communicate.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where anybody, regardless of their hearing ability, is able to hear what they choose to hear, access vital information, fully participate in their communities without being stigmatized, and enjoy music and concerts without damaging their hearing.

Our Purpose

We help people gain equal access to speech and music during the events and activities they choose to make parts of their lives. We advocate on behalf of those who are faced with communication challenges and foster equality, inclusion, and independence.

Our Strategy

We use innovative technologies to create affordable solutions for challenging listening environments. We break down the stigma associated with hearing disabilities by educating, raising awareness, and providing thoughtfully designed and customized products. We refuse to accept the status quo by constantly challenging existing technological and attitudinal barriers.

Our Values


We are consistently open, honest, ethical, and genuine in all our actions. We treat people with fairness and equality.


We value partnership over competition and cultivate teamwork and collaboration. We help others and treat people with compassion, empathy, and respect.


We explore, experiment, take risks, have fun, and embrace failure. Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are at our core.


We are dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for those we serve. We relentlessly strive to achieve their full satisfaction.


We eliminate barriers of complexity and aim to create pragmatic and intuitive solutions.

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